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Skymax products are of quality and strives to not only meet customer expectations, but also surpass customer expectations. With a dedicated and motivated professional, ethical staff, Skymax prides itself in excellent workmanship to make strong, durable and competitive products at affordable prices.

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We take great pride in affordability, value, Integrity, quality, support and workmanship . We have built our business on referrals with quality products, & excellent support and happy customers. We consider our customers when adding any new products or services; will it be beneficial to others and can we make it dependable and affordable? We constantly research new products and cutting edge materials – and purchase only first grade top quality items from dependable and excellent suppliers. We communicate with our customers during and after the sale to ensure a very high level of satisfaction and; we seek ideas/suggestions on ways we can improve our products and service. We are very particular and picky when we select a crew member. Politeness, dependability, honesty and promptness with professionalism are “must haves” to be on the Skymax Team .Most models can be expanded later and/or moved to another location. We provide you with a wide choice of styles, shapes, sizes and colors – along with a great selection of affordable options allowing you to customize your shed to be exactly what you want and need. We take great pride and satisfaction in our hard earned reputation for “on time” deliveries and completions. You can often have your Shed delivered to the job site already completed and ready to use. In some cases the location may require that the Shed be built from scratch right in your back yard, commercial job site – or wherever. This is our specialty! Thank you for taking the time to visit our website and please email or call if you have any questions or would like additional information.